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Brides of Dracula

Brides of Dracula

Staring: Peter Cushing, Yvonne Monlaur
Director: Terence Fisher
Year: 1960

Film poster of Brides of Dracula


It seems that only some people know about Hammer Films, maybe it's an age thing for most, so for those who do not, Hammer was a big movie studio who went about making a great many horror films during the late 50s all the way into the 70s. The Brides of Dracula is a 1960 entry into Hammer's horror collection.

This is the first sequel - though more of a semi-sequel - to Hammer's very own 1958's Dracula. The only returning character is that of Van Helsing (Peter Cushing). The film did not star Christopher Lee as Dracula, and not that I want to give anything away, but I feel I must warn people expecting to see him due to the title of the film - Dracula doesn't appear at all in the film.
Speaking of the title, they weren't really his brides anyway, but I digress.

The setting for this film is Transylvania. Danielle (the lovely Yvonne Monlaur) is traveling to an all girl school. Along the way she stays at a castle, where she helps Baron Meinster (David Peel), apparently held prisoner by his own mother, escape. Woops, big mistake, and soon after this event the young girls at the school are soon preyed upon. Luckily to everyone in harms way, Van Helsing is on his way to save the day.

I can't say this film is fantastic, or groundbreaking, but is a decent vampire film. The film can be found in the Hammer Horror Series box set.

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