Tuesday, January 29, 2008

McCain 2008

Normally I would shy away from politics, but I figured I'd weigh in after Florida's primary.

McCain has cemented himself as the Republican front runner in this election. The only other person who has even a remote chance to win it would be Romney. Unfortunately (or fortunately) there's just not enough of a chance for him to win the next few states (California and New York are solidly McCain at the moment). The thing that is still going against him is his religion. To many he's "that Mormon" - spouting bigotry like it's 1900. It's just as bad as if someone labeled Lieberman as "that Jew" - it's sick.

I just don't trust Romney. I don't know why but Mitt just comes across just as honest as John Kerry did in the 2004 election. Like a Ken doll that's been dress and manicured for the cameras. This is of course no where close to John "$400-haircut" Edwards, who is nothing but a smile in an empty suit. Making promises to the middle class about health care while being one of many who caused the problem to begin with. One of the many "slip and fall lawyers" who have helped to drive up doctor's costs and insurance costs (they don't want to have the extra liability that's been heaped upon themselves).

Giuliani is a perfect example of why you don't ignore the first few primaries. See ya. It is also an interesting observation that generally the more Liberal Republicans can get a lot of flack from Democrats. Many of the Democrats I know (or so-called "independents" - who are liberal) admit to hating the man. Perhaps they saw him as some unholy mix of Conservative values and their own liberal policies - creating a child that even they would be repulsed at (perhaps because the liberalism was not "pure" enough).

Huckabee has Iowa and Chuck Norris. That gimmick has tired quickly.

Ron Paul? How about I just spam my comments with a typical Ron Paul supporter attack. "RON PAUL RON PAUL RON PAUL RON PAUL gold standard RON PAUL." Enough said.

This all brings me now to Obama. Sure he's good at motivational speeches. He's apparently gotten a lot of people psyched about voting. That's all well and good - but after the 2006 mid-term elections, I've become skeptical about any claims from the Democrats about "bringing people together." This was the same lame language that people like Nancy Pelosi used before the 110th Congress began January 3rd 2007. Immediately afterward they threw any pretense of "civility and bipartisanship" out the window.

Obama apparently stands for "change" and "hope". You just have to count the number of times he uses the words to know that's what he believes in - at least apparently.

Unfortunately, unlike McCain - who has "crossed party lines" or at least worked with Democrats on hammering out quite a bit of legislation, Obama was actually ranked as the "most liberal" voting person in the entire Senate. That's hard to believe, especially since Hillary Clinton was ranked a lowly 16th. I just don't see any "healing" coming from him after finding this out. All I see is just political rhetoric - something that one with so little experience on a national level should be proud about picking up - that is, unless you want to be branded as a "Washington outsider" who "isn't part of the political machine of Washington" - which would be a lie to anyone who's actually in office in Washington D.C. when they make the claim - you're part of the system.

However people can always prove me wrong. If he somehow defeats Hillary and goes on to win the general election I just hope he keeps his words - because his actions don't reflect them.

I'll admit that McCain is old. That isn't to say he's incapable of running for President and doing a phenomenal job while he's at it. At the very least I'd hope he can bring us out of this socialistic-"religious" rut that this lousy current president has gotten us into. Heck, looking back at the last 8 years Bush has honestly been the most liberal president since LBJ. The few thinks blinding people to this is that Bush isn't an atheist, and sets out to cut taxes (trimming excess fat from bloated government bureaucracies is a better way of saving the Taxpayer money). Perhaps that's why he's so hated (although at least he's better off than the Congress' "almost single digits" approval ratings). It is amazing how low the approval rating is for Congress yet the re-election rate is nearly 100%. Heck, no one is saying (at least I hope not) that if you're elected you must attempt to run for 2 terms.

McCain is what America needs to truly mend the fence and turn people back on to politics - and you don't have to agree with everything he says (find me a politician that you do and I'll give you $100). He doesn't need to prove that what he says in his speeches - he's done it for years.


Chris said...

Lets spam some internet chat forums. You know you want to like all the other 1000 of us nationwide. Lets inflate some online polls to trick people into thinking our candidate is more popular than he really is!

Chris said...

I'm going to change my avatar to a picture of DOCTOR Paul to show that I'm serious about my support for him. That should convince most people I challenge to vote for him.

Chris said...

Lets embrace the gold standard together

Chris said...

You're just ignorant. If only you were as half as smart as DOCTOR Paul you'd know a thing or two about what I'm talking about.

Chris said...

I understand that Ron Paul is only tracking at about 6% in the nation, but he deserves more than 11% of the time during the debate! It's just not fair that they're trying to block his message when the other viable candidates are leading DR Paul by 20-30 points.