Saturday, February 10, 2007


This review is inspired by my good friend Jonathan, who I’m heading down to Richmond to visit for the weekend.

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Staring: no one of interest
Director: Tony Zarindast


The film starts off with a dig at an archeologist site. One of the "key" characters is Joel (played by Joe Estevez, Martin Sheen's brother). For no reason at all a fight ensues and one of the diggers is injured, apparently cut on the bones of a supposed "werewolf." Needless to say that werewolf dies, and after a few mishaps, Yuri (Jorge Rivero) is successful with "creating" a living "werewolf," and of course people end up dying.


Overall the plot does not make a whole lot of sense, though since I watched the highly edited MST3k version it's hard to tell what was supposed to be "in" the film vs. what was presented before the audience.

Not much can really be said about Werewolf, at least not a whole lot of positive things.
This 1996 film, yes, 1996. There is no way this film could have been filmed less than 5 years before it was released. Everything about this film screamed “80s”.

Not surprisingly, the main thing that makes the film so bad is the compete lack of clarity in the way the story is presented. But then again, it really doesn't matter, everything about this film screams "don't watch." Only check out the MST3k version. For the love of God, please only attempt to watch it any other way way. You’d probably be sorry.

By the way, it is number 96 on the bottom 100 films on the IMDb.

Verdict: */*****


Bacall said...

Hey Chris, love your blog. Placing a link to yours from mine. This film sounds like something that needs to be buried and never found, ever LOL. Hope you had a good time with my Jon in Richmond.

Matt Ramone said...

Dude, this was a classic. The only way it coul dhave been better was if the werewolf was cybernetic and the score was done by Duran Duran.

Anonymous said...

Gran actor mejicano Jorge Rivero