Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lost - Season 4 Premiere

Woah, what a wait. It's finally over and the series that has been off the air since the end of May is back.

To build up the anticipation of the series I re-watched the show from the start. The show was in its prime in season one, but surprisingly I found the second season a lot better than I had remembered it as being - I did however forget how meddling the middle of it was. No matter, season 3 also had a few clunkers towards the start but soon climbed back up to the quality that I had remembered it as having at the start.

Season 4 should prove to be an interesting situation - as with all other shows on TV - it has been hurt by the writer's strike. Only 8 episodes were completed - so we're stuck with an incredibly short season on our hands. Oh well.


On a side note Jericho starts back up in under two weeks.

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