Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Halloween and Halloween II

Directors: John Carpenter (1), Rick Rosenthal (2)
Staring: Donald Pleasence, Jamie Lee Curtis, Charles Cyphers


On October 30th, Michael Meyers, an insane mental patient escapes from Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) and returns back to Haddonfield, his hometown. A local store is broken into, and a mask is stolen. Loomis is hell bent on tracking down Michael before it is too late for those who have yet to be sliced and diced in Michael's path. Yes, the Boogieman is real. With Michael almost caught, and thought dead, everything goes awry when Michael's body disappears. How could he survive so many gunshot wounds? Still on the loose, Michael's sister Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) is still in mortal danger, along with every living soul in the town. Even after the commotion, the town still seems to not know of what has already transpired in the evening. Can he be stopped before everyone is dead? Where will Loomis end this quest to rid the world of such a cold hearted mass murderer?


Now I normally judge the Halloween series based on the franchise’s pretty mediocre sequels. The third film had nothing to do with the rest of the series, and when they brought back Michael in the fourth film, they made him an invincible, devilish villain, in the same vein as Jason. For what it’s worth the fourth film wasn’t too bad, but the direct sequel to that one wasn’t good. I have never seen the sixth film, and the series should have stayed buried with H20 and definitely with Resurrection. So pretty much, Halloween 1 and 2 is where it is at. Unlike the majority of sequels, this one takes place IMMEDIATELY after the first, minutes, more like seconds to be exact.

The films are better than I remember. Ignore the rest of the series and just watch these.

Halloween: *** ½/*****

Halloween II: ***/*****


Matt Ramone said...

Never seen the second one. Guess it needs to go on the list.

You and I need to make a sitcom if only so we can cast Randy Spears as the pissed-off weirdo neighbor.

Matt Ramone said...


From Jack Chick's new "black tract" series.