Friday, March 02, 2007

The Mind’s Eye

Released: 1990
Director: Too many to mention
Staring: Strictly animation

The Mind's Eye, all rights reserved

The plot is divided into music videos, each displaying different animation and music to fit the mood of the piece. This is a fully computer animated film from 1990, which showcased dozens of animator’s talents.


Now some of you readers may not feel that this is worthy of mention, as it was a direct to video production, but since I get the final say on what goes here, here it is. Looking at this today, some people might find the animation to be anything but good. If you didn’t get the chance to see this gem in the early nineties, then you may be lost forever. The shear quality of some of the animation, especially for much of it being done in the late 80s, is astounding. I get mesmerized by the entire thing each time I watch it. Since it is not available on DVD anymore, it may be nearly impossible to find this one anywhere.

Verdict ****/*****

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