Saturday, April 28, 2007

Shaolin Iron Claws


Staring: Tai Lung Chang, Yi Chang, Tao Wong
Director: Shih Hao Ko

Wow. Just wow. What an awful movie. That isn’t to say that this was a completely enjoyable film, while it is totally bad, it’s completely watchable.

The best part about this was that they reused the “Death Star destruction” segment of the Star Wars soundtrack. That’s right the “Lets blow this thing…” part. It was amazing.

I really tried to keep track of what was going on, I really did. Unfortunately I could not make heads or tails of the overall plot of the film. About 3 different things were constantly going on within the film. There was a man in a fedora, a “commander” (of what, we don’t really know), and two bumbling fools. My friend Matt picked this up in some sort of a “kung fu” box set, and shockingly it’s worth every penny.

There seemed to be about 20 different scenes with fighting in them, but none lasted more than a minute on average.

Verdict: * ½ /*****
Watchability: *** ½ /*****


Matt Ramone said...

That shit with the spears was pretty righteous, though.

Chris said...

Totally was. When I wrote this I wasn't quite in a perfect state of mind to mention that part.