Friday, May 18, 2007

Top 10 Comic Book films

Disclaimer: Call me cheap, but I'm going to immediately discount the "serious" graphic novels. There's just too many of them - Road to Perdition is a wonderful film, but I don't think it should be compared to films that star characters like Spiderman, Superman, or Batman. I'm also going to discount other forms that generally aren't thought of today as "comic" (of any form) - like the Addams Family - which started printing in the New Yorker sometime in the 1930s. People remember the show - more than anything else - which is a far cry from even Batman - where people actively knew and know the

List like these bring a lot of contention with them from people who read them. No one will agree 100% on what place a film should be in, or why film X wasn't on the list and why film Y was on it instead.

So without further ado from "worst" (#12) to best (#1):

Spider-Man 3
Fantastic Four
Batman Returns
Superman 2
Daredevil: Director's Cut
Sin City
Batman Begins

In the coming days I will be busy writing reviews for these exact films (excluding the films I've already mentioned - in which I'll just link to the already written review).


Matt Ramone said...

Ha, so no Sin City? It's shame, since that movie kicked such major tail. Also, I wonder why you exluded Howard the Duck and Catwoman, but so it goes, so it goes...

I have an entry idea to auggest to you: top ten movie moments that are way more famous than they should be. The one that comes immediately to mind is the "Kahhhhhhn!" bit from Star Trek 2 (though you might disagree).

Chris said...

And that's what I said I had to fix ASAP.

Now updated in all it's glory.

Matt Ramone said...

Updaaaaaaaaaate knucka!