Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Van Wilder

Staring: Ryan Reynolds, Tara Reid, Tim Matheson, Kal Penn
Director: Walt Becker

With the upcoming release of the “sequel” to this 2002 comedy, I’ve decided to review this, even if it’ll end up being a short review.

Taking movie clichés from at least a dozen college and high school themed films, it feels as if – baring the over the top gross-out humor (special “glazed” donuts) – that this film fits in with most of the crummy ’80, somewhat funny but equally flawed comedies.

This paper thin plot follows Reynolds’ Van Wilder in college for his 7th year, refusing to leave because college is apparently the best thing you’ll ever achieve in life, and once you’re out it’s no fun. Of course, you could try to tell that to all the yuppies out there who party it hard every week after work. This is the major flaw, at the surface 7 years seems pretty ridiculous, seeing as most people take 4, and more commonly 5 years to finish school. To be totally honest I have friends who at this point won’t graduate “4 years” of college until their actual 7th year. Since we aren’t supposed to take the film seriously, why not just make it 8, 9, or even 10 years? Age problem with the supposed “seniors” - Tara Reid’s Gwen – no problem! Should have made them grad students. Fear of alienating the “younger” crowd? Who cares, people who aren’t in college don’t care about semantics of “undergrad” or “grad”.

Like most comedies of the late 90s and early 00s, there is not a shred of anything special in the way the film is presented. That is not to say that the direction or editing is bad, but that it is bland.

And like almost all comedies, the results are obvious from a mile a way, guy almost loses girl, guy wins girl back, and “learns” something along the way. At least this one has a few laughs in there.

Verdict: ** ½ /*****


Matt Ramone said...

I've always wondered when people are going to realize that Tara Reid sounds like a man when she talks.

We are SO going to see Knocked Up when it comes out - June 1st, baby!

Chris said...

Ever since I saw "100 Girls", one of the worst comedies made in the last decade, I've never been able to stand Katherine Heigl. So I think I'll "have to think about it" as I say quite often.