Thursday, May 17, 2007

Spider-Man 3

So I finally saw the film. Yes, it took me long enough and it was made on a flip of a coin (the other film being 28 Weeks Later...), but I finally got to see it.

Now I'm not sure exactly what to think. It's not terrible, but it's not particularly great either. I really don’t like making decisions literally minutes after coming in from seeing a film, but I got to admit that I thought the film overall was the strongest of the three.

It didn’t muddle along like the much of the first film, and it wasn’t as poorly paced as the second. Sure the film was full of characters with little motivation, haphazard development (one minute a character is one way, the next minute a completely different way). To cut to the chase, it is completely manic.

Harry is all over the place. He’s too many things wrapped up in one film, and much of his story felt like an aborted subplot from 24 (actually they did use elements of it in one of the seasons, but I digress…). By far the best, most interesting, and most sympathetic character in the entire film is the Sandman (Thomas Hayden Church).

Verdict: ***/*****

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