Saturday, August 04, 2007

Cheerleader Camp

Staring: Betsy Russell, Leif Garrett, Lucinda Dickey, Lorie Griffin, Teri Weigel, George 'Buck' Flower.
Director: John Quinn.

A lot can be said about a 1980s horror film. From the onset Cheerleader Camp pays homage to (or rips off) both Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th. In both instances it fails, though as a semi-ripoff of Friday the 13th it marginally works. I mean, it's cheerleaders getting slashed at camp!

The film inexplicably co-stars the likes of 80s pop-culture such as Leif Garrett. No singing though, except for a hilarious (or horrifying - depending on who you ask) lipsynced "music routine." And of course, Teri Weigel, the soon to be playmate, and current hardcore porn actress. You should also reconize "Pop" - the crazy guy as the bum from Back to the Future.

The thing that gets me is that the killer has absolutely no motivation for the killings. Then again, many horror films have killers with no real motivations - so can I really complain?

Film making quality: **/*****
Enjoyability: ****/*****

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It is no use crying over spilt milk.