Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Best Shows you're NOT watching (and probably should)

In general TV is a complete wasteland. Here's a short list of more recent shows that you should be watching on TV (or DVD):

1. Eureka - The second season just ended, so there's not much to catch up on until the DVD set comes out. In the meantime catch up on the first season's story of a quirky North-Eastern US town full of the most brilliant people in the world. They also turn out to be the most dangerous since at least one person dies in each episode. So much for it being a quiet little town. While the series is a little reliant on some jargon, it's mostly slapstick and barely takes itself seriously (though the science is treated as being "real"). Sheriff Carter's disbelief of practically all the events that occur in this town are shared with the audience. Season one is out and is only 13 episodes long.

2. Journeyman - This is by far the best new series of the season. The casting is phenomenal (Rome's Kevin McKidd is working so I'm happy). The show is a little difficult to initially wrap your head around - as it shares a mix between the Time Tunnel and Quantum Leap, and frankly not a lot has been explained. In my opinion the lack of disclosure of what is actually causing Kevin McKidd's character, Dan Vassar, to jump between the past and present is interesting. It's not too late to jump in (NBC also has at least the previous week's episode online, if not all of them)

3. Bionic Woman - Another new show this season, and while not a ratings disaster by any means, it's a show that could prove to be quite good. I've heard some people mention it's similarities with Alias, but it seems a lot more like a more sci-fi oriented version of spy series "La Femme Nikita" - which wasn't half bad either (check that one out too). NBC also has at least the previous week's episode online, if not all of them, and the series is reaired the following Friday on the Sci-fi channel.

4. Battlestar Galactica - Soon to be returning, what I consider the current best series on television is nearing it's return with a two hour movie "Razor" - which will tell the story of the annihilation of the human race from a different perspective. of all the shows on this list, it would be the hardest to catch up due to it having a miniseries, One 13 episode series, and Two 22 episode series already completed.

5. My Name is Earl - The oft forgotten comedy that is much more brilliant and true to the heart than the "slob husband/hot wife" combinations (or any derivative of that formula). It is in it's 3rd season but all you really need to know is that Earl has a list of wrongs he's trying to right. Easy enough to remember.

6. Torchwood - The BBC import (which is airing every Saturday on BBC America) is the X-Files of this decade. Except a lot more blood, and real cursing, and sex. This spin-off of Doctor Who shares little in common aside from dropping familiar names and the main Character, Captain Jack.

Honorable mentions of other shows I watch (but don't care if you do) are The Office (which lost a lot of it's charm after I got a real job), Stargate: Atlantis (which is take it or leave it by this point), and Flash Gordon (which 50% camp and 50% crap - sorry, Rock Creek Park doesn't look like cows graze in it).

So there's the 6 shows that I can't miss week from week and neither should you.

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