Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A fresh take on "Law & Order"

Tonight was the premiere of the 18th season of Law & Order, the Crime/Law series that has been on the air since 1990.

Law and Order, copyright NBCIn recent years the series has taken a nose-dive both in the ratings and in the quality of the stories themselves. At times the series seemed to get better, only to fall flat. Hey, it happens to series that run 5, 6, 7, 10, 15 years as one only needs to look at the Simpsons to see the see-saw effect that occurs every few years.

Some of the casting since Jerry Orbach left the series wasn't bad per se, but they just didn't have the same chemistry. Elisabeth Röhm as Serena Southerlyn was just too cold and unlikeable compared to her predecessor Abbie Carmichael (played by Angie Harmon). Dennis Farina's character just didn't play well off of Jesse L. Martin's, however he did a great job with Michael Imperioli's short-term character when Martin was off doing Rent.

Based off of just the first two episodes of the season, Jeremy Sisto and Linus Roache are two great additions to the cast. Sisto plays Detective Cyrus Lupo and Green's partner and Roache is Jack McCoy's replacement as district attorney.

Brad Dourif and Michael McKean guest star in the first episode of the season.

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daz said...

I just watched the first hour of the "two-hour" season premiere, and what a huge bomb it was for me!

Just what I couldn't possibly be less interested in: an hour's drama about assisted suicide. This may have been interesting when the group Final Exit came into existence, and then the Jack Kevorkian period -- but the subject has been discussed to death (as it were) for so many years.

But now? In 2008? This is a mega-yawn.

Am now trepidatiously beginning to watch the second hour (and regrettably missing Weeds in order to do so). I just hope it's not a continuation of the first hour's drama!