Tuesday, February 05, 2008


With the start of the second season looming over the legions of fans who sent bags of nuts to CBS' studio executives, one must at least be curious as to what would cause anyone to honestly do this for a TV show.

Well I'll tell you. When the show first aired, I was intrigued. I had heard that the film took place in a "post-apocalyptic" world. Heck, I had only first heard of it the day before it aired and the premise instantly pulled me in.

Due to many other things going on in my life, and the trouble of remembering to tune into the series before Lost was on at 9:00 pm quickly caused me to drop my viewership completely of the series. It wasn't bad per se but I did find some of the writing in the early episodes to be a little "Hallmark TV movie" or something you'd find on a show like "One Tree Hill."

After the show finished airing the first season was was canceled, I realized how many of my friends actually liked the series. Again intrigued I made a impulse purchase and picked up the first season. I got through the first episodes I had seen - and quickly realized that I missed out on a fantastic series when I got to episodes I hadn't.

The unfortunate thing about the series is that when it's bad, it's obvious. Some of the dialog is a little silted, and the show still has signs of the "hallmark" feel for quite some time. But when it's good - the story is as amazing as others of it's peer (see - "Lost" when it hits the mark). The show finally gets its stride going around the half-way mark, but it shows a great deal of promise in it's A-story early on (as opposed to side stories - "B stories").

I gratefully look forward to Season 2 of Jericho, and suggest for all those who have not seen the show to watch the re-runs that start on Feb. 11th on SciFi or watch them on CBS's website.


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