Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Toshiba bows out

Toshiba announced today that it will stop all production and development of further HD DVD players.

With that said, I love my HD DVD player and now it will last me years and years to come.

With that said I'm not jaded enough not to ever consider buying this format, however I do require a few things:

-Toshiba or an equivalent company sells a combo player that supports both formats.

-Now that there isn't competition, the average price of the BluRay discs themselves don't skyrocket past $27.00. When they settle at around the $20.00 mark that HD DVD was at, I'll consider it.
-Along with the above, a stand alone player (I have no interest in playing a single Playstation game), which is actually 2.0 Profile compatible, AND has the ability for firmware updates must be on the market for less than $200 dollars. I'd also prefer to purchase a non-Sony player - as I like my products to last more than 4 years before they stop working.

Update: My plans are a lot more complicated than what I previously posted - there's an intricate collection of films that I'll be waiting on before I finally purchase one.

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