Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Hype, thy name is Avatar

I've yet to see a film so hyped on the internet in many years, if ever to this magnitude. There are people throwing around "revolutionary", "groundbreaking" and even "Oscar." Some have claimed it will be better than the Godfather.

At least people should have an actual baseline of whether or not the graphics are actually as "ground-breaking" as they claim they will be. All this talk about how this film will be the greatest 18 months out and over a year before we'll actually see anything from the film is ridiculous. Has everyone forgotten the hype surrounding "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within" and how well that translated into a good or successful film?

Sure, I realize that Final Fantasy's hype is fan boy fueled, but most of the things I've read from people don't pass the smell test. It smells fishy. Either the studios are paying for cheap hype, Cameron has way too much time on his hands (and posting under sock-puppets), or there really are people out there that will convince themselves a year and a half before a film is released that that film will be the best thing since refrigerated air and the ultimate cinematic work of art ever created.

Talk is cheap. People shouldn't be making any judgments (positive or negative) about this film's "groundbreaking" nature until an actual trailer is released. This kind of hype generally backfires, causing the people who have only a passing fancy to the cinema to scoff and avoid such work if it doesn't mass their stringent standards to film.

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