Thursday, August 14, 2008

More on Olympics 2008

People are not complaining about how they did not get to see a "pretty girl sing a song", they're complaining because the "pretty girl" did NOT actually sing the song. They're complaining because they didn't see the person who sung the song actually sing the song.

China must have assumed that either everyone wanted to see "perfection" or that they mistakenly believe that any signs of imperfection is a "weakness" (it's the flipping Olympics).

This is as bad as the Milli Vanilli fiasco. They should have either found a "pretty" girl that could sing the song her self, or let the girl who actually provided the vocals to sing the song in front of everyone. The only exception I could see is if the original girl fell ill and they had to find an immediate replacement, which was not the case here.

China apparently wants everyone to believe that they are perfect. Why else would they go as far to keep an "imperfect" girl from preforming at the Olympics? Why else would they clear out a huge chunk of poor people from Beijing? Why else would they ship in more "desirable" people into they city? Why else would they issue passports to 13 year olds claiming they are 16?

This isn't like cleaning up the house before you have guests over, unless you believe moving out over a million "undesirables" out of a city is an accurate equivalent.

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