Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Star Trek the animated series should be remasted into CGI

Whether the "re-mastering" was 2D or 3D doesn't really matter to me (I'd prefer 3D), I'd just like to see these stories presented in a way that doesn't look like a quick artist chopshop created them a few hours before they aired.

The constant re-use of shots and the 5 or 6 facial expressions really grow old, as does the poor coloring of some of the ships, characters, and objects (some of what is due to Hal Sutherland being color blind). It's just sloppy.

Integrating the original theme would be great, as well as integrating all the sound effects and incidental music (where possible).

I'm certain there are legal issues that they'd have to work through, but Star Trek, even with it's low points, is a huge financial moneymaker for all involved. I just believe that if this was done by the 50th anniversary, that would be a great way of linking the past with the present.

Using the scripts as a basis, with brand new effects and a whole slew of possibilities for animation could create a product that is actually quality.

For years I've actually thought integrating the audio from the early 90s games, creating full length episodes would be awesome. There are literally hours of dialog that could either be used within the confines of a single "new" episode, and whatever doesn't get used be used as "filler" to extend already existing episodes with relevant dialog.

I'd also love to see a transition from TOS to what we see in the first film. By the end of the animated series, there could be a transition to the "new" crappy uniforms that they wear. Since there does not appear to be any actual dialog that could be used to describe their dislike of the new uniforms, they could convey the dislike through facial expressions.

The ideas are almost endless.

Okay, enough of this - I need a life.

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