Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lowest ratings in the history of the Emmys

The 60th Primetime Emmy Awards was the biggest loser that night.

The broadcast was presented by "reality TV hosts", the writing was awful, and the speeches were full of self-righteous political speak that should have turned off both sides of the aisle.

It is certainly in their right to express their political views in public - and it's one of the reasons why people aren't watching award shows anymore (along with the insipid self-important congratulations and pats on the back they give each other).

Congratulations to them for turning their wins into a soapbox. They've not only pulled us out of the show during their speech - but have perhaps pulled us out for the rest of the broadcast. When they pull things like this the next day isn't a discussion about "how X show won or Y person won" it's "Did you hear X actor/actress say '[political comment entered here]'" Much like this entire entry right here.

Their acceptance speech may be the "best" place to do it if they're looking for sheer numbers to preach to, but it's inappropriate given the venue. They're there to celebrate their win - they should not be there to talk about how stupid some people are or who people should vote for. Leave the off-topic comments to the press out back.

In a world where you can get 24/7 political news online and on multiple news channels, some people just want to escape and forget things that divide us, such as politics. Until they realize this award shows will lose more and more of it's audience.

Oh, by the way - congratulations on Mad Men for their win.

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Bacall said...

Hollywood should stick to what they do best, acting. Nobody really listens to their rant. But actors being what they are, narcissistic, they love to hear themselves talk. The "pat on the back" isn't enough for their egos.