Thursday, October 16, 2008

First Star Trek pictures

Here's my initial reaction to the picture's I've seen, courtesy TrekMovie.

New Cast of Star Trek

-Turrets on the ship? What the?
-I see a mini-skirt!
-The uniforms look about right...
-Wait, what the heck is Kirk wearing? A black uniform? No, No NO NOOOO
-What the.... he... the bridge looks like it was designed by someone who watched Galaxy Quest and 1998's "Lost in Space" a few too many times and forgot what the original bridge looked like, let alone what the TOS film bridges looked like.
-What's with the blue tint?
-Why does the bridge/ship lighting look like it's all passed through frosted glass?
-Is this a Star Trek themed restaurant?
-Did someone watch a little too much Stargate SG-1?

Oh great. I'll reserve judgment until a trailer - but I'm no longer holding my breath (or pretending to).

I think I can only really buy the film if most of the events occur in a different "reality" and that the "real one" (or one that actually resembles the TOS universe) is restored in the end - "correcting" some of the artistic license that JJ Abrams seems to have taken with the series.

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