Tuesday, November 11, 2008

James Bond, "What if" themes

Johnny Cash, Thunderball
As the first comment says on the page, "The best part of the movie was when Bond came riding into town pursued by Mohicans."

"For Your Eyes Only" performed by Blondie
This theme was orignally made for For Your Eyes Only, but was changed to a theme written by Bill Conti, the composer of the film.

The original opening theme, "Surrender" by K.D. Lang
The film actually had it's score written around this piece of music, which is why it fits David Arnold's score better than Sheryl Crow's theme.

Theme for Thunderball performed by Dionne Warwick
Again, here's an original theme to Thunderball, with the song title being, "Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" .

"The Man With the Golden Gun", performed by Alice Cooper
An unused theme song, submitted and not used.

Ace of Base, "The Goldeneye"
Arista Records apparently pulled the band out of the film.

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