Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weekend Trailer Review

Here's a recap of some of the trailers I saw this past weekend (and online when they weren't at the Quantum of Solace showing).

The Spirit
Well, since I was The Spirit for Halloween, I suppose I'll probably see it, just not on the day it'll be released, Christmas.
Rottentomatoes factor*: 60%

The Day the Earth Stood Still
Ugh. Sounds like an ecological "we'll destroy you if you don't start taking care of Mother Earth" film than the original film's premise - which seemed much more logical. I'll pass.
Rottentomatoes factor*: 85%

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
I haven't read the book, but based on the last three films and what I've seen from the trailers, this film certainly will be visually stunning. Not much to say here yet.
Rottentomatoes factor: N/A (Seeing it in theaters regardless)

Wow, just freaking wow. It only gets better and better. The newest trailer shows a bit from all the "Crimebusters" era Watchmen characters. I'm stoked. Man I'm stoked.
Rottentomatoes factor: N/A (Seeing it in theaters regardless)

Bedtime Stories
Looks like a fun children's movie staring Adam Sandler. Not much else.
Rottentomatoes factor: N/A (HBO)

Seven Pounds
Tired of seeing Will Smith.
Rottentomatoes factor: 98%

Tom Cruise's face isn't plastered all over this trailer. Shocked at the caliber of the cast they've assembled.
Rottentomatoes factor: 70%

Star Trek
(See previous review).
Rottentomatoes factor: 85%

* My "Rottentomatoes factor" is the rating it will need to get among all reviews for me to actually have me considering getting my butt into the theater. Some films I'll see under any circumstances. Others will have to be so good that I just can't pass it up.

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