Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hollywood out of ideas - "rebooting" Tomb Raider franchise

I just read that Warner Bros is planning a reboot of Tomb Raider.

Neither Tomb Raider film may have been very good, but when you compare the film to other video game adaptations, you'll find that, at least in the case of the first film, Tomb Raider was at the very least a decent video game adaptation.

With that said, the idea that they will "completely reboot the video game-based character" is asinine.

Why bother?

If they're going to change her origin story completely, which is what they claim they will do, by shying away from her English aristocracy roots, then why bother making a "Tomb Raider" film at all?

That would be like making Mario from Mario Bros a Peruvian cook in a new Mario Bros film.

Her origins are not the problem with the film - nor should they be changed - because there's no reason for a change like that.

I read another person mention that the change from her aristocratic origins is probably due to Hollywood thinking that everyone's supposed to hate rich people these days (or at least the "old money", non-Hollywood actor rich people).

Honestly, that's probably the only plausible reason, aside from producers just not "getting" the character at all.

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