Sunday, May 10, 2009

Richard Branson wants to shed a few pounds like Mia Farrow

While I do not want to make light the tragedy in Darfur, I absolutely refuse to believe that the "hunger strikes" are anything short of a cheap way for celebrities to claim they are "suffering with" the people actually suffering.

Well, as Entertainment Weekly reports, "Virgin music and airline entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson agreed to step in and continue [Mia Farrow's] fast for three days."

These people don't raise real awareness this way. One may say I've been duped into "raising awareness" of the plight by the mere fact that I'm writing about how silly the whole thing is. Donate money. These people literally have tons of it. Raise awareness without delving into cheap "lose weight quick" gimmicks. Don't use the volunteer "fasting" joke as some cheap badge of honor to toss around to make you and your cheap Hollywood pseudo-liberal sentimentalities feel fulfilled.

Everyone, I think I'm going to join in solidarity with these celebrities and shed a few pounds. Never mind that summer is coming and I need to slim down a few pounds, like, real quick.

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