Thursday, October 08, 2009

31 days of Halloween: 9 Lives

9 Lives is a 2002 horror film set in Scotland.

The movie is set in Scotland, at an old estate. Tim has invited eight of his closest friends to celebrate his 21st birthday. Everything was perfect, until... one of them came across a secret compartment in the library containing a possessed book. The revengeful spirit, Murray, seeks to kill all those in the house. Murray won't rest until all 9 are dead. The problem - the spirit transfers to the body of anyone who kills the current host.

Personally it shows some, and I stress some promise, but the inclusion of Paris Hilton in the cast undermines whatever goodwill the film could have had as a staple of an actually watchable horror film on FearNet. It is far too boring to really be re-watchable, and really not bad enough to really get too much of a kick out of it.

** out of *****

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