Saturday, October 10, 2009

31 days of Halloween: The Spell

The Spell is a 1977 tv-movie about a teenage witch who inflicts pain on those who anger and upset her. The movie stars Lee Grant, Susan Myers, Helen Hunt, and James Olson and is directed by Lee Philips.

The film is pretty forgettable as a Carrie knockoff. Rita is a slightly overweight teenager who gets picked on at school. Little do the other students know, she's capable of inflicting pain and death with just a look. She begins a reign of terror (I suppose) on her classmates and family friends - all of whom treated her like garbage.

The problem with this film is not a lot happens. It's meddling, and almost boring at times. There's little to no suspense and absolutely no buildup. I suspect that the film would have been better had they edited the film more tightly, however it wouldn't have left the audience with much.

** out of *****

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