Saturday, February 06, 2010

So Far: Lost Season Six

While I don't really like the idea that the Producers of Lost "spoon feed" us answers, there are a few notable items that probably will get no more screen time to answer. Questions that really need to be explained through some sort of "official" means. This means producer approved information that actually "fits" in with established on-screen events.

To that point, I'm still not even sure what ancillary material is "canon" - the mini-episodes appear to be, the "The Lost Experience" from between seasons appears to not be but I'm not sure about something like "Mysteries of the Universe" from just a few months ago.

Personally, with the whole time-jump, I don't see why they didn't officially integrate "The Lost Experience" into the Show's mythos.

So what really "counts" in terms of the way that the material shapes the way that the creators of the show care about?

Unanswered Questions
The Food Drop is probably the biggest and most glaring issues I have that hasn't been answered, and probably won't be answered. It would appear to indicate that the Dharma initiative still exists, and is aware that someone is pushing the button. It would also appear to indicate that they know the location of the island. If it wasn't Dharma doing the food drops, why the hell would they keep up the pretense by creating "Dharma brand" food? And if it wasn't Dharma doing the food drops, then why didn't Charles Widmore just go after them instead to find the location of the island? Ben appeared to be pleased that the Button was no longer being pushed. If it was Ben/Eloise Hawking at The Lamp Post, Why would they have been providing Desmond with food all that time?

In some ways I wouldn't mind some kind of spin-off material (Direct-to-Video, or something akin) to be produced which followed some additional "Lost mysteries" throughout the eighties. Of course, making all material adhere to the Lost mythos and having the blessing of Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse.

I suppose we won't know until the finale.

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