Sunday, April 18, 2010

LOST Season Six: "Ab Aeterno"

Wow, give this man a Emmy. Right now.

Richard from Lost (copyright ABC)Ab Aeterno may be the standout episode of the season - assuming that the finale isn't Earth shattering (figuratively if not literally).

This episode was all about the illustrious and mysterious Richard Alpert. The title of this episode, "Ab Aeterno", means "from eternity" in Latin, which is pretty fitting for a Richard episode title.

As you likely know, Richard does not appear to age. He appeared as youthful in 1954 ("Jughead") as he does in 2007. The episode opens up, "Tenerife, Canary Islands — 1867," and again, Richard looks roughly the same. He lives with his wife, Isabella, in a remote section of the island. Isabella is very sick, so Richard heads out to get help from the local doctor, who is a few hours ride away. Arriving at the Doctor's place, Richard is unable to convince him, and accidentally kills the doctor after a small tussle. Acquiring the medicine and unfortunately arriving too late to administer it.

He is captured and sold into indentured servitude, being shipped off to the New World on the Black Rock, captained by Magnus Hanso. As a side note, Alvar Hanso is his great-grandson, and the person who funded the DHARMA Initiative in its early years. Who knows if this will play a part in later episodes this season, but it's an interesting thing to note. The ledger from the Black Rock was found off the coast of Madagascar and was eventually purchased by Charles Widmore in the 4th season episode, "The Constant."

After crashing on the island, the Smoke Monster comes and kills the remaining crew, save Albert. The Man In Black convinces Richard that it is Jacob who killed everyone and that by killing Jacob, they could be set free. Richard almost succeeds in killing Jacob, but is stopped and convinced that he is not the Devil, and that they are not actually in Hell. He explains that he's helping keep the MIB on the island like a cork keeps a the wine in the bottle. Jacob lets Richard ask anything of him, and although he can not bring back his beloved Isabelle, he grants him eternal life. Jacob gives the MIN a white rock and a bottle of wine. After Jacob leaves, the MIB throws the stone and shatters the bottle of wine, releasing it everywhere.

In the present day Richard finds out that Jacob is truly dead, and has a crisis of faith. He runs off to find the MIB, to align with him instead. Hurley runs after Richard, in an attempt to stop him.

After catching up to him, Hurley helps Richard communicate with his love, Isabella in one of the most touching scenes of the series.

Miles is given his most memorable line to date when Hurley runs after Richard: "Unless Alpert's covered in bacon grease, I don't think Hugo can track anything."

Best episode of the year as of the time I posted this.

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