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LOST Season Six: "Lighthouse" and "Sundown"

This is the third of my LOST Season 6 recaps. Each post will cover two episodes. Most of these will be moderately stream of consciousness and will not exactly follow the narrative that the episodes followed. Enjoy.


"Lighthouse" is the 5th episode of season 6 of LOST. This episode is a Jack-centric tale, and boy, was it something unexpected.

Jack's story picks up in the Sideways universe. Jack's appendix has been removed! For those who remember, he almost died in season 4, when Juliet was forced to help remove it (with Jack's help). Jack apparently can't seem to remember exactly when he had it removed, probably another one of those instances where the characters are unknowingly aware of the other timeline.

Jack goes to PICK UP HIS SON. WOAH. Who the heck is David and who is the mother? Tell us! Anyway, they don't seem to be on the best of terms and Jack and the unknown mother appear to be divorced. They really don't appear to get along. Okay, David has that "punk kid" attitude (and not punk like the music/sub-culture) the "I want to smack this kid real good, just once" kind of kid. Or that's how it seems.

Jack appears to have his drinking under control (though he does have some on the plane, so he probably does have a problem). Jack's mom thinks that the reason that Jack and David can't get along is because David is terrified of Jack. The same could be said about Jack and his late-father, Christian.

Who's Claire Littleton?

On the island, Jack and Dogen talk. A lot. Hurley sees Jacob's ghost (or whatever he is), who leads him to a backdoor out of the Temple. Hurley doesn't have time to investigate further when he's interrupted by Dogen. Hurley repeats what Jacob tells him to say, including that he's a "candidate." Apparently this is enough to keep Dogen from doing something stupid, but man are the Other's terrible people. Bloodthirsty may be a better description.

Hurley and Jack take off, following Jacob's ghost's instructions (or whoever he may be). They're headed to an, at this point, unseen lighthouse. Jacob's lighthouse. In the lighthouse is a dial (with all their names on it) and a mirror, which after Jack looks into, he sees his old childhood home. Ticked off, he shatters the mirror. Hurley believes that Jacob wanted this to happen, but forced the round-about way to have Jack shatter the mirror. Maybe this will allow people to come to the island freely now, without having to be on one specific heading? Perhaps the dial opened a door in a specific location/direction? Interesting. Someone's on their way to the island.

Sideways again... Jack returns home to find David missing. He heads to David's mother's house. Jack basically breaks into the house and does some "investigation." He listens to the messages on the answering machine, something most people do when they break in, right? So he finds out his son is at the Williams Conservatory. He enters and sees his son playing the piano. In the back of the room, he meets.... Dogen! Jack waits until the end, waiting for his son. They appear to be making amends.

At Claire's hut, she has Jin and an Other tied up. The Other wants to get free and kill Claire, and tries to get Jin to help. Unwilling to help, Jin sits there while Claire comes in, and slams an ax into the Other's chest. Claire's "friend" comes in, who is none other than Fake Locke himself.


Lost Sundown

"Sundown" is the 6th episode of season 6 of LOST. This episode is a Sayid-centric tale. Based on the title alone, I figured it would be a Sun and Jin episode (they've pulled that before).

Sayid arrives at Nadia's house, and unexpectedly, he's not married to her. She's married to his brother! And they have a kid! Woah. Anyway, it becomes clear that he still likes her, but that he's trying to stay away because of Omer (Sayid's brother). The brother is in massive debt, and wants Sayid to "convince" them to leave him alone. Sayid still did terrible things earlier in life, so this does not appear to be any different.

Omer is attacked, and Sayid becomes livid. On his way out of his brother's home, Sayid is picked up by henchmen, and taken to a restaurant. The gangster wanting money is none other than Martin Keamy, the cruel mercenary from Season 4 who killed Ben's adopted daughter Alex and her mother biological mother, Danielle Rousseau. Anyway, he goes freaking nuts, and now he's killed the whole lot of them! NO REDEMPTION. And omfg, Jin is in the walk-in fridge!

Claire shows up at the Temple, looking all screwy. She asks for everyone to leave the Temple. Dogen knows this is a trap, and knows if he leaves the Temple he'll die. They plan to send Sayid out to kill Fake Locke, and tell him not to let him talk, or he'll forever be cursed (or something close to that). He stabs Fake Locke, but to no avail, he's not going to die (at least not that easy). Sayid returns to the temple with another message, for those who want to get off the island to leave with him and that Jacob is dead. This sends many into panic (Cindy being one of them). Kate goes to rescue Claire, unaware that Claire wants to kill her. and then ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. Sayid kills Dogen and Lennon and good old Smokey shows up and kills everyone who did not leave the Temple. Lapidus, Sun and Ben are caught there, and find an escape. Things are freaking CRAZY this episode.

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