Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LOST Season Six: "The Package"

The Package marks the 10th episode of the 6th season. It's all downhill from here. The show is almost over. Forever.

This episode is all about Sun and Jin. While in LAX, customs discovers $25,000 in their suitcase. The money won't be returned unless the proper paperwork is signed. Apparently neither Jin nor Sun know English. By the time they leave the airport, Jin has already missed his meeting.

They arrive at the hotel and book two different rooms! However, they appear to be having a romance, considering the actions that end up taking place in Sun's house. Sun and Jin both appear to be ready to run off together. Just then, a knock at the door.

Martin Keamy, the evil mercenary from season four enters the hotel room. He's arrived at the hotel because Mr. Kwon has promised him money. He finds Jin hiding, and they bring in a translator. Mikhail.

Mr. Eye Patch himself. Mikhail translates for Sun. She offers to get money from the bank, but her father has closed her secret account. Jin, in the meantime, has been taken to the Restaurant. Keamy tells an unsuspecting Jin that the money was meant as a payment to have him murdered. Locked in the storeroom, he hears the confrontation that occurred a few episodes back when Sayid took out Keamy and his crew. Sayid gives a tied up Jin a box cutter to escape.

Mikhail returns to find the restaurant kitchen in ruins. Keamy's last dying breaths gives Mikhail a few moments to fight Jin. In the following fight, Mikhail is hit in the eye (YES!), but not before Sun is wounded.

PhotobucketOn the island Sun runs away from The Man in Black and loses her voice. This is probably the silliest part of the entire season so far. In a touching moment, Jin is shown pictures of his daughter, Ji Yeon. Widmore wants his help. Widmore says everyone they know and love would simply cease to be if the Man in Black got off the island.


Too bad they couldn't do something about that freaking annoying "V" promo they ran all episode.

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