Thursday, April 08, 2010

LOST Season Six: "Recon"

Reconwas, well, not my favorite episode of this season.

There were a few problems I had with the "buddy cop" aspect of it, where James and Miles are partners on the police force in LA. One, James had already helped Kate escape from the airport. Knowing she was on the run he would have been compelled to at least alert the authorities to her, or even attempt to detain her long enough for the authorities to show up. None of that happened, so finding out he is a cop, and apparently not a corrupt cop is surprising. Also the choice of Miles is interesting. They certainly have a dynamic on-island so it's not too bizarre, but I fully expected Ana Lucia, I guess the actress was busy or they're waiting to bring her back in a later episode.

So anyway, Miles is suspicious of James. He ends up setting up James with Charlotte. Now, he did that either so she could snoop around or later on she accidentally found his "Sawyer file," the file that contains all the information covering Cooper and the death of his parents.

My problem is that the scene as portrayed showed Charlotte searching around - and not in the 'I can't find a shirt' kind of way, but with a purpose - she was looking for something. That would make Miles a pretty disgusting human and terrible friend to both Charlotte and to James since he'd be using Charlotte's sexuality to snoop around James' place. If it was all by chance, they sure didn't film the scene that way. If she just happened to come across this, they should have filmed her carefully looking in the drawer, unable to find a shirt - and happened to see, mostly hidden - the photo/binder. She may as well had dumped out the entire drawer the way she was digging around as the scene was shot. Her reaction later, of being thrown out seems to indicate it was an "accident" but the way the crew filmed the scene would seem to indicate otherwise. I thought it was pretty sloppy.

Kind of a lot to talk about one small scene, but I found the episode pretty unremarkable compared to the earlier episodes of the season, so that is where we're at.

On the island James has become Saywer again, deciding to pit both Widmore against Fake Locke.

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