Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lost: Leadup to the finale

Woah. What a rush. This Sunday. It's finally here - The End.

"Everybody Loves Hugo" - Hugo tries to be a leader. Ilana has some explosive ideas. Black Rock goes boom. Man in Black insulted by Desmond - throws him down a well. Even in Death, Michael is still annoying. Libby's still crazy - but only sorta. Desmond tries to hit Locke with some ideas.

"The Last Recruit" - Claire still appears to be crazy. Sayid prepares to kill Desmond. The Elizabeth makes a reappearance. Jin and Sun, together again. Jack recognizes a future client.

"The Candidate" - Jack just can't keep his mouth shut and visits Dr. Bernard Nadler to talk about teeth. Widmore offers a fast escape from the surface of the island. Fake Locke provides some sinking truth to the survivors in the submarine. Um... Lapidus?

"Across the Sea" - A woman strikes a rock-solid bargain with Claudia to care for her children. The woman shows a very illuminating side of the island. MIB makes sure she gets the point of his message. ~~FLASHBACK!~~

"What They Died For" - Um... Lapidus? Richard takes a very large leap backwards. Desmond knocks some sense into Ben. Ben provides Widmore some ammunition when talking to Fake Locke. Zoe finally shuts up.

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