Tuesday, May 04, 2010

LOST Season Six:"Happily Ever After"

Desmond, Desmond, Desmond.

Finally, the season gets some Desmond and it was good.

Of course, with Desmond, things also got a whole lot more confusing.

Charles Widmore has convinced Desmond to take part in an experiment. This experiment has somehow changed Desmond in both the "real" universe and the "sideways" universe.

The "sideways" universe is starting to look more and more like one where everyone has gotten their wish (at least some wish).

Desmond finally appears to have gotten respect from Charles Widmore in the sideways universe. He's on an errand to pick up Charlie. Charlie tries to kill himself, and causes Desmond to "remember" things that happened in the real universe, notably, the death of Charlie ("Not Penny's Boat"). Trying to decipher what that means, he runs around the city, both trying to keep Charlie to his schedule, and to figure out what he saw.

Charlie goes AWOL ultimately, and Desmond goes to Widmore's party where he meets not only his wife, Eloise Widmore, but Widmore's son, Daniel Widmore. Eloise Hawking and Daniel Faraday respectively. Not that this would be a surprise since they were all related in the other universe. But what about Penny?

Desmond overhears "Penny Milton" being mentioned on the guest list, but Eloise stops him from looking, and in her typical creepy and knowing demeanor, said it was a "a violation." A violation of what, we'll find out eventually (we can hope).

Daniel stops Desmond before he can leave, and spills the beans. He's a musician, but not long ago he started to write down things he "remembered" - it turned out to be advanced equations that only a skilled and learned person would be able to do. He saw Charlotte for the first time but felt like he had loved her for years. He spills the beans and lets Desmond know where he can find his half-sister.

Desmond goes with his driver, George Minkowski (originally from the freighter in the real universe), to meet Penny.

While the scene may appear a little creepy, it's touching to know that they're together in both realities.

And with that, Desmond steps to on the island to get started.

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