Saturday, June 19, 2010

What I'm Watching

This post is about what I'm currently watching, primarily on Hulu.

I currently have gotten into Highlander: The Series, the syndicated 1990s show based on the 1986 movie. I watched it off-and-on back when it was first on, and am currently digging it, and not because the theme song by Queen is kickin'.

Over the last few weeks I've been watching Alfred Hitchcock Presents, the anthology series hosted by none other than the master, Alfred Hitchcock himself. The series ran from 1955 to 1965. Suprisingly, it's been forgotten (it was forgotten even by me). While I don't know if it can reach the greatness of The Twilight Zone, most of the episodes I've watched so far rival an average Twilight Zone episode, and some surpass some of the great ones! Hitchcock's dry wit is hilarious and his intros and closing remarks are humorous and occasionally side splittingly funny. I've only watched about 30 of them out of a total of 363 episodes, so I have quite a ways to go until I'm done with this one.

Going back a few additional decades is the The Three Stooges, which has a collection of their shorts (mostly 18 or so minutes long). Humorous, slapstick, mindless. Good entertainment. The old SNL shorts, The Mr. Bill Show, back when the show was actually cutting edge, are a mixed bag. Of course those familiar with Mr. Bill will know Mr. Hands and Mr. Sluggo will be "mean" to Mr. Bill and well, you know the rest.

In more recent shows, and one that takes itself just about as serious as the Three Stooges (though no pies or seltzer in the face yet) is the new FOX show, The Good Guys, which currently has three episodes available to view on Hulu. A funny show that I've finally caught up with. It's like a buddy cop show that constantly mocks the CBS crime procedural shows that network airs.

I've also been watching the now canceled, Happy Town, which I enjoyed, but could see how the show probably failed. They should have waited until the summer to debut this show instead of dumping it around the time that the rest of the shows were [i]ending[/i] and a few weeks before the new shows started. Oh well.

The bizarre, Lexx, remains a staple, though after picking up other shows to watch, I'm taking a short break from this odd, strange, bizarre show.

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