Monday, March 12, 2007

Beyond the Mind's Eye

Directed By: Too many to name
Music By: Jan Hammer

Beyond the Minds Eye, copyright is held with each respective party


Like the original, the plot is divided into music videos, each displaying different animation and music to fit the mood of the piece. This is a fully computer animated film from 1992, which showcased dozens of animator’s talents.


This film, while for nostalgia reasons, is not as good as the original, is a solid continuation of the work done in the original Mind’s Eye film. Again, someone watching this today, without the proper context would probably think that it’s garbage. People who do realize the value of the work that was done 15 years ago, and I suppose someone on many illicit drugs, would probably agree that the entire thing is suburb.

Unfortunately it looks like this film has dropped off the DVD production line, so it’s nearly impossible to find.

Verdict: ***/*****

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