Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Grindhouse: Trailers

This was the most exciting part of the film for me. Fake trailers made by big directors (okay, not “big” like Steven Spielberg, but ones that have had to some extent careers).

The film opens with the trailer for the Danny Trejo “film” – Machete. Of all the films, this would make the best movie. It is a pure “Mexican exploitation” film. Apparently Rodriguez wrote it in 1993 but never made it. Jeff Fahey also “stars” as the Well Dressed Man.

Werewolf Women of the SS, directed by Rob Zombie was a great takeoff of the “taboo” exploitation film. Of course if this was made it would be leaps and bounds better than his last two attempts. Udo Kier, Sheri Moon, and Bill Moseley “star.”

Personally the best was “Don’t” a trailer about a supernatural horror film which used the tried and true method of repeating words to the audience throughout. It was classic 70s cheese trailer, where it gives away every twist and turn the film can possibly make and only just stops before giving away the entire ending. “Don’t” was directed by Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright. Jason Isaacs “stars” and if you look close both Simon Pegg and Nick Frost appear. Will Arnett – Gob from Arrested Development narrates.

There’s also a commercial for a Mexican restaurant, Acuna Boys – Authentic Tex-Mex Food. Of course, like all older ads, the pictures are poor, washed out, and completely unappetizing. Nice touch. No one’s a big enough star except Michael Biehn as the sheriff.

I’m no fan of Eli Roth or any of his work, but even his contribution of “Thanksgiving” – a takeoff of “Halloween” where a guy dressed up as a pilgrim kills people – was hilarious.

Verdict: **** ½ /*****

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