Friday, April 13, 2007

Robot Monster


An incomprehensible sci-fi/horror film, and that is putting it mildly. The story follows some scientists/family as they are on some sort of scientific dig. (The location might be familiar as the place where Ash initially fell to the ground in Army of Darkness, among other films).

Robot Monster

So anyway, all seems to be going so well, and very, very boring until suddenly, the story leaps forward, and everyone on the planet is dead, save the few survivors at the dig (and two other people trying to fly into space for some reason). That’s right, everyone is dead. And that’s not the most shocking bit.

The person who has orchestrated the entire thing – Ro Man, the “Robot Monster” – has set up camp in the exact same valley cave system. Now, Ro Man looks like a cross between a gorilla with one of those classic diving helmets over his head. His mission – to conquer the world. You’d think that someone who’s killed off 3 billion (remember 1953) would be getting praise from his overlords. Guess again. His bosses hate the job he’s doing, because he hasn’t “conquered the world” yet. There’s still 8 humans who have survived his “death ray.”

That’s right 2.6 x 10 ^ -9 % survival rate. Ro Man must really stink at his job. And folks, this is just the beginning.

Deserving of the title “so bad, it’s good.”

Verdict: * / *****


Matt Ramone said...

This looks astounding.

Matt Ramone said...

We need to have a "beer and shitty movie" night, where we get drunk off our asses while watching preposterous films that honestly never should have been made.

Oh, I need to talk to you about living situation. We can discuss the details later, but would you want to share a place with me and Andrea, basically rocking the Animal House...err, Apartment?