Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Bourne Ultimatum

Staring: Matt Damon, Julia Stiles, Joan Allen, David Strathairn, Paddy Considine, Albert Finney, Scott Glenn, Tom Gallop.
Director: Paul Greengrass.

Leaving off just about exactly where the second film left off (it becomes very clear once you see the film what I mean), Jason is most definitely still on the run. After the Moscow shootout, he’s beginning to remember even more of his past before he lost his memory, but everything is still in pieces.

The CIA is back at it with black-ops project Black Briar, a program set up almost immediately after Treadstone was shut down (the project is even mentioned at the end of the first film if you pay attention to Brian Cox’s dialogue).

To be perfectly honest I didn’t imagine how this film could top the previous film. I went into this movie with extraordinarily high expectations and to be perfectly honest, they exceeded them about 10 fold. At the moment this is probably my most favorite film of the year, and at this rate it will be tough to beat.

The acting of all the cast is phenonominal, and they certainly didn’t spare any expense in this department. Returning is Damon, Allen, and surprisingly Stiles does a decent job. Joining the cast is Strathairn, Glenn, Finney, and Considine who all do a great job.

Again, there are a lot of complaints about Greengrass’ direction and use of the “shaky cam.” But I forgot, it is actually 1907, so I digress. So if you haven’t seen this film check it out while it is still in theaters, and if you haven’t watched any of the films rent/buy/borrow the first two immediately and then drive to your local movie theater to see this!


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