Monday, October 15, 2007

24: Day 3

In my continuing shotgunning of my TV series, I'm diligently working through all the episodes of the series 24.

To tell you the complete truth, I had only seen this season once all the way though, and that was when it first aired. Since then I've caught one or two episodes here or there on A&E marathons (back when I was in college/unemployed). I've also only seen Season 4 once as well all the way through, but at least there I saw the last half of the season at one point so I'm more on the ball with that one.

From my first impressions all the way back when I first watched the season, all I can really describe it as is slight disappointment. After re-watching the season, some of this initial feeling still exists, but what I get from this season now is a much more solid storyline than I had initially thought.

It's outrageous that so much could happen in one day, or that most of the events that occur in the first half of the season are all based on Jack's complete luck, but hey, the show only gets more ridiculous in later seasons.

I'll reiterate the previous sentiment that "I digest them more thoroughly and glean them of their enjoyment instead of just blowing through them like I've got the runs" is pretty accurate as by the 3/4ths the way though the season I had already forgotten what the heck happened at the start until I really though about it.

Season 3's story is based around biological terrorism. The release of a super-agent that could kill millions if released into the general population. While many might say the season takes place in two distinct parts, it's more like 3 (like Full Metal Jacket is often mistaken as). Minor spoilers follow.... The first part has to do with the drug-lord Ramon Salazar and his escape from jail and return to Mexico to be reunited with his brother Hector. The second part has to do with Jack trying purchase the virus in Mexico. The third "act" has to do with events that transpire in Los Angles when the real bad guy of the day is revealed.

For Mr. Show fans look for Mary Lynn Rajskub as socially incompetent Chloe. For Scifi fans, look for - future Spock actor and current bad guy in Heroes, Sylar - Zachary Quinto as Adam. James Badge Dale shows up in an exciting role in The Departed.

Staring: Kiefer Sutherland, Elisha Cuthbert, Carlos Bernard, Dennis Haysbert, Reiko Aylesworth, James Badge Dale, Penny Johnson Jerald, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Zachary Quinto, Jesse Borrego


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