Monday, October 29, 2007

Danger Man (aka Secret Agent)

Before the Prisoner, there was Danger Man.

Patrick McGoohan, the star of the cult classic, The Prisoner, stars in Danger Man as John Drake.

At the moment I'm watching the "original" series from 1960. Apparently after a hiatus the show returned revamped.

In this iteration Drake is a secret operative from NATO, who is sent to differing locations to deal with a variety of issues - mainly dealing with murders and kidnappings so far. They play pretty standard so far as a detective show, but specific episodes show great promise - he's sent to assassinate someone in one episode and takes the mission with little hesitation.

The series also boasts a huge variety of different stars and by my count I've seen at least 6 different James Bond actors (as well as other actors) in less than 10 episodes.

If you're a fan of crime dramas and spies, you should most certainly check this series out. I will have to look back at this review once I've completed the series.


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