Sunday, November 18, 2007

Alcohol and Movie Parings #2: The Godfather and Betta Moretti

This second entry was a bit harder, more inventive, and less cliche.

The Godfather is a brilliant film for which will require a much more appropriate place for me to review it. Different time, different day. Since I'm trying to make these more concise then a normal review, it'll just have to wait.

Film: *****/*****

The selection for this film are Italian brews (surprise!) which actually hails from Italy. It makes for a perfect match for the Gangsters who hail from Italy.

-Birra Moretti: It's a relatively easy to drink, slightly bitter, but not that good compared to the La Rossa that the same company makes, which brings me to...
-Birra Moretti La Rossa: To be honest I wasn't sure about this beer the first time I bought it. Soon after finishing my first one I was sold. It has a very hoppy and very malty flavor to it, and finishes quite nicely. Unfortunately, at 7.2% you might not be making it to the finale if you're drinking a 6-pack.

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