Thursday, December 13, 2007

Battlestar Galactica Season One

So, if you've been reading this blog or been to my place you should know that I have an HD DVD player. What good is a HD player if you don't buy HD titles? Not much good at all!

That's why for one of my first "tests" of an HD experience was to purchase Battlestar Galactica Season One on DVD. What an amazing experience I've been missing out on! Visually the quality of the graphics and footage is crisp, clean, and makes broadcast and DVD look like crap.

The original series was a product of it's time. In retrospect it isn't very good. Too much disco and not enough situations that actually make me believe that their entire society has ended. This version is strictly for adults (so you don't have to worry about seeing "robot" dogs which were in fact actually monkey's in suits).

To be perfectly honest this isn't your "father's" Sci-fi either. The show is very believable and only happens to be set in space. No large amount of jargon to not comprehend, and no stupid aliens-of-the-week like in say, Star Trek.

The show is like an adrenaline rush that never lets go.


Also, for those reading my blog (as opposed to my Facebook feed), here's Dwight's take on the show:

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