Saturday, December 15, 2007

Alcohol and Movie Parings #6: Martini and James Bond

Does it look like I give a damn that the martini is stirred or shaken?

Personally I don't. Then again I'm not a huge liquor guy, though as I write this I'm having some Jack Daniels on the rocks, so I guess you've found the one time out of 10 that when I'm drinking alcohol I'm not drinking a beer.

Casino Royale is another film in a short line of recent productions that have "reset" a original series, and not suprisingly most of them have been able to breath new life into the series ("Herbie Fully Loaded" not withstanding). Like Batman Begins, they've reinvented the franchise for the better.

I just purchased the James Bond box set so I'll be reviewing more Bond films in the coming weeks but I figured I'd start with the newest first.

Four acts instead of three? How many films can pull that off nowadays?

On and for the love of God please avoid the "spoof" with every inch of your life. The film was directed by no less than 5 people and it's utter sh*t.


"Vesper" martini:

* Six parts Gordon's Gin
* Two parts vodka
* One part Kina Lillet

Shake over ice until well chilled, then strain into a deep goblet and garnish with a thin slice of lemon peel.

Guaranteed heart stopper! Err... maybe not.

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