Monday, May 12, 2008

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Let me start off by saying that I was not extremely impressed by this film. Granted it was pretty funny, but it fell flat too many times for my taste.

Perhaps they waited too long to get this out the door, allowing far too much tweaking in all aspects of the film. I've seen worse comedy sequels (Men in Black II, anyone?), but I just don't know. Sometimes I suppose it's just fine to leave sleeping dogs lie.

The character of Ron Fox (played by the somehow popular Rob Corddry) is perhaps one of the worst movie characters in recent memory. In no way was his character funny and he completely took away from the other characters that at least had some talent in the film. There were a few instances that his character set up a good joke, but lets be honest - most of the jokes were continuations of ones that had already been done earlier in the movie.

The film picks up directly after the first one - but it somehow feels different. It's something I can't quite place on it, but just... something. NPH was probably the only really redeeming part of the film (stay after the credits people!).

I read elsewhere, and I'd like to echo their sentiments: The cult love Harold & Kumar found in the years since its initial release has gone directly to their heads and now they seem to live in this delusion that no effort is necessary and that they just have to show up to get the same results.

While I don't think it's that serious, I do find a lot of that to be true. I fear for any future Super Trooper's sequels to suffer the same basic fate as this.

Maybe comedies shouldn't have sequels?

*** out of *****

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