Sunday, May 11, 2008

Iron Man

Wow... just wow.

Iron Man just had everything I've been looking for in a comic book action film for the past few years (Sin City and 300 excluded).

To be perfectly frank, I'm not that familiar with Iron Man or Tony Stark. I've only ever been a moderate comic book reader - and most of those were the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics back when the movies were popular. Outside of that I only really knew what I had seen on Saturday morning cartoons - which only consisted of X-Men, Spiderman (mid-90s version), and the Fantastic Four.

Robert Downey Jr. really sold it as Tony Stark. He's a wonderful actor, and really pulled every aspect of what I'd expect someone like him to be going through with flying colors. The rest of the cast looked like they were enjoying themselves and had a good time. I just remember reading articles that blasted the filmmakers for hiring this cast of "great" actors to do a role that was apparently "beneath" them. They were all wonderful and that really shown through on screen.

I think they only downside to the movie was it's story. I understood it was a "orgin" film, but to a small extent it didn't feel like there was much of a story. It set everything up just fine, so I suppose I'm glad they didn't screw it up with bad writing or over-the-top horrible dialogue like in the Spider-Man films.

The action was just fine. I hear a lot of people say "lack there of" when it comes to the amount of action, but come on. Have we become so inept at just watching a movie for the film itself and not for the explosions (I'm looking at you Michael Bay)? I mean, I read a fan review that complained that there were "hardly are more than 5 action sequences in the whole movie." So would the film have been worse if there were 4? How about 6? Does that make everything better?

This was one film that I was proud to say I went to see twice in the theaters. There have been so few films lately that I could really say that about.

I'm really looking forward to the sequel and spin-offs!

**** out of *****

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