Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Modern "spoofs" are dead - thanks to two "filmmakers"

Most of the "spoof movies" in the 2000s aren't spoof movies. They're just referencing films and events and throw in some "jokes" about break dancing, browsing the internet, and shilling out products (which aren't jokes). You can actually get more excitement out of watching 70 minutes of trailers for all the movies that the films reference, whether you're talking about "Disaster Movie", "Epic Movie", or "Meet the Spartans".

A lot of the "jokes" in these films are recycled jabs at celebrities or films that sometimes are already jokes themselves, Amy Winehouse anyone? Paris Hilton? Miley Cyrus sings then gets hit with a meteor? This is what passes as a "spoof"?

You can't "spoof" comedy unless you're specifically adding something to it. They don't. Take for example: Find some washed up 80s comedian and make him do Michael Richard's infamous racist rant verbatim. Comedy Gold? Not in the least. In bad taste? Of course. Spoof? Only in the most loose consideration - like in cases where Jason Friedberg or Aaron Seltzer aren't involved in writing it (by the way, if that appears in one of your films - provided you ever make one - I'll sue since you've yet to come up with an original idea).

Jason Friedberg or Aaron Seltzer just copy scenes word-for-word and scene-for-scene with no added effort. Many times they've done nothing to change the situation except throw in other actors in.

"That one scene with Ben Stiller from 'Along Came Polly'? That was HILARIOUS, throw it into the film!" Occasionally they insert a "funny" segway between scenes they rip directly from films and put in product placement ("so funny!") or... BREAK DANCING! Will the hilarity ever end?!?!?!

The films also show no adeptness to the editing process as every shot appears to be abrupt and awkwardly placed to a point where it's obvious they didn't give a damn to the quality of the finished product. The narrative is mediocre or just plain-old-fashioned-bad which only makes the overall product that much worse.

With the crashing and burning of Disaster Movie, perhaps there's hope yet that we'll never see another one of these films in the theater.

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