Thursday, September 04, 2008

She didn't need pillars: 41+ million people see Palin speech

As reported by the news, Obama pulled in 38.4 million viewers on the commercial networks, and after factoring in PBS and C-SPAN, the numbers topped 40 million.

Nielsen has estimated that roughly 37.2 million people watched Palin on the commercial networks with 4 million more viewers watching her on PBS. From what I can tell that does not factor in C-SPAN viewers, which probably only account for a few hundred thousand at best.

So a Vice Presidential pick "no one" knew a day prior to her selection for VP candidate and was reported as being a pretty uninspired pick by many in the media, picked up what is estimated as being over a million more people watching her speech than the extremely popular Barrack Obama, the Presidential candidate?

Now I'm really curious about the numbers from tonight.

Update: I'm also surprised to hear that the teleprompter was not working well for much of the speech and that she had on hand an "outdated" version of the speech. Some of the parts that got the loudest applause were completely ad-libbed. This bodes well for her during the upcoming VP debate.

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Bacall said...

Sarah Palin is a "phenom" and the left knows that, and so the drive by media will always down play Sarah. The way I see it, Obama's lemmings (drive-by) are scared, and they will say and do whatever it takes to bring her down. Too bad for the lemmings because the steel magnolia (Sarah) isn't scared at all. And I agree, the signs are looking good. The Messiah is no more.