Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the Dead is an English comedy homage to old zombie movies. The film was written by Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg, the masterminds of the British series, "Spaced." As such, the film fits nicely within George Romero's "Dead" series.

Personally, I think that the film is the second best zombie movie, with only Night of the Living Dead as the only better film in the genre. It is capable of transcending comedy and delving straight into drama with no problems at all. Not all films are capable of doing so. It pulls at the heart strings as only the best films can, but moments later can be making you laugh your butt off.

The film centers around Shaun, a loser who has never really made anything of himself, in a dead-end job, just out of a relationship with someone who he cared very deeply for but was unable to actually mature enough to stay in it, and lives with his old childhood friend who is nothing but a deadbeat loser who sits around doing jack all day.

Everything appears to be going as normal for Shaun, who does his daily routine with no hiccups. He gets up, plays some video games, goes to work, does his daily routine, and goes home. Unfortunately, without thinking, he’s not only forgotten his girlfriend's anniversary, but also his mother’s birthday. In a rush to rectify this, he's put in a spot that destroys his relationship with his girlfriend. Strange events have been happening all around Shaun for the last few days, but being who he is, he is completely unaware of the events unfolding around him.
This is when the fun starts.

He awakes to find the city in chaos, and goes along his normal routine, being none the wiser to the events unfolding around him. When he finally does realize that there are a bunch of zed-words roaming the streets, he decides it’s time to gather up his friends and family, and find the safest place they know to hide.

Hilarious, entertaining, and a must see film. Catch the film "Hot Fuzz" as well and the television series, "Spaced."

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