Saturday, May 30, 2009

Can we please stop talking about Susan Boyle?

"I can't believe she can sing so well!"

Why? Oh, it's because she's not very attractive.

This entire situation may be more telling of society's view on attractiveness. Good looking people are talented and successful. "Ugly" or unattractive people aren't. At least when it comes to women. Men don't need the perception of being classically attractive to be talented - look at most male singers. Then look at most female singers.

Surprisingly, this phenomenon (or at least attitude towards this) occurs all the time. Last year, that little "cute" girl singing at the Olympics in China was a fraud - she lip synced a "less attractive" girl's voice.

Boyle's gimmick of "never being kissed" was made up. In fact, I'm sure that if this line had not been uttered, no one would have known who this person was on April 12th.

I think the world as a whole would have been better for it.

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