Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Good Pale Ale and a Really Bad Movie

There’s nothing quite like a nice, cool late spring night. The weather is perfect, the temperature is warm but not hot, and it’s the perfect temperature to crack into a nice, cool micro brew. Thankfully, today was the day for the release of Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest 2nd release. Phew, what a wait.

The beer itself pours a clear dark orange color which is followed by a large white fluffy head of foam. The aroma has an extremely hoppy, grassy, floral aroma. This beer is brewed with hops harvested in the Southern Hemisphere, which would be the right time to do so considering the “season” they would be having. They use fantastic New Zealand hops which bring that hoppy, grassy, floral aroma that I mentioned earlier.

The Mad Monster

The Mad Monster is a 1942 horror film, in which a rejected scientist plans to wreak revenge against fellow colleagues who had rejected his scientific views on blood transfusions.

Dr. Cameron feels that since he has been ostracized that he must kill off his former colleagues. His method of killing is creating a mindless (at least as presented) beast using his gardener using transfused blood from wolves. This beast that will apparently follow his orders (unknown why or how – since it appears pretty unwilling or unable to accept any orders most of the film) to kill them off one by one – after which the creature returns home and becomes the simple gardener again.

And when I say simple I mean “I will Hug him and squeeze him and call him George” simple. And I mean that this guy (Petro) makes Lennie Small appear to be a genius.

His ultimate goal after killing off his contemporaries? Using the newly discovered werewolf serum to kill Nazis.


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